This segment is all about my predictions and why I think they will occur.

First, I predict that WR Derrick Mason (former Raven) will return and retire a Tennessee Titan.  He has been training with Titans all offseason and the fans/organization would love for him to return.

Second, I predict that WR Mike Sims-Walker (former Jaguar) will sign with the Tennessee Titans (sorry for two Titans predictions in a row).  He is friends with RB Chris Johnson and the Titans can use help at the WR position.

Third, I predict that the Dallas Cowboys will sign WR Braylon Edwards (former Jet).  The Cowboys need help at WR and with only Miles Austin and Dez Bryant, the ‘boys will be adding depth at this position.

Fourth, I predict that no matter how many free agents the Washington Redskins sign, they will still not make the playoffs.  They do not have the QB needed to lead the way and RB Larry Johnson is not the playing like his former self.

Fifth, I predict that the Buffalo Bills will have a worse season then they did a year ago.  They have lost some talent in the free agency and have not replaced anyone.


The Patriots do it again!

Today the New England Patriots have successfully added another talented player to their team for only a 5th round pick in the 2013 draft.  The Washington Redskins traded DT Albert Haynesworth to New England.  This is another example at the talent in the front office of the Patriots.  I believe Robert Craft (owner of the Patriots) and his employees are the best at what they do.  They continually make impressive moves in the NFL draft and they also bring out the best in their players.  Coach Bill Belichick has another toy to play with on his defense.