Matt Hasselbeck going to Tennessee

Today the Tennessee Titans agreed to a deal with QB Matt Hasselbeck.  When I first heard that the Titans were interested in signing him, I was skeptical.  As I did some research, I found an interesting piece of information.  Matt Hasselbeck knows QB Jake Locker from his days playing college football for Washington.  With a relationship already established, Jake Locker will be able to accept Matt Hasselbeck’s advice and counsel.  I believe that they will form a strong bond that will forever dictate Jake Locker’s career.  I also believe that Matt Hasselbeck is going to be a better mentor than Kerry Collins (former Titans QB).  Collins was established in the NFL and understood the game, but his performance level had significantly diminished and Locker needs to be under the wing of someone who can still play at a high level.  Only time will tell if this acquisition helps Locker to become a solid NFL QB.

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