Reggie Bush a Dolphin?

Latest news updates say Saints RB Reggie Bush may be traded to the Miami Dolphins.  If this happens he has a good chance of being the featured running back.  His time in New Orleans is over, enter Mark Ingram.  I am curious to see what the Saints get in return for Bush.  It appears that the Dolphins will also be trading for QB Kyle Orton.  I assume they will not only give away drafts picks, but players as well.  Most likely defensive linemen will be involved  in the upcoming trades.  I believe Bush will find success in Miami.  He can play well and the Dolphins love to run the football.  Now I understand that Bush has been a bust, based on the projections of him coming out of college.  We will see if he can find his groove in Miami or if he will always be a situational Running Back.

Site used: Saints, Dolphins agree to terms on Reggie Bush trade | ProFootballTalk.