The Patriots do it again!

Today the New England Patriots have successfully added another talented player to their team for only a 5th round pick in the 2013 draft.  The Washington Redskins traded DT Albert Haynesworth to New England.  This is another example at the talent in the front office of the Patriots.  I believe Robert Craft (owner of the Patriots) and his employees are the best at what they do.  They continually make impressive moves in the NFL draft and they also bring out the best in their players.  Coach Bill Belichick has another toy to play with on his defense.


Reggie Bush a Dolphin?

Latest news updates say Saints RB Reggie Bush may be traded to the Miami Dolphins.  If this happens he has a good chance of being the featured running back.  His time in New Orleans is over, enter Mark Ingram.  I am curious to see what the Saints get in return for Bush.  It appears that the Dolphins will also be trading for QB Kyle Orton.  I assume they will not only give away drafts picks, but players as well.  Most likely defensive linemen will be involved  in the upcoming trades.  I believe Bush will find success in Miami.  He can play well and the Dolphins love to run the football.  Now I understand that Bush has been a bust, based on the projections of him coming out of college.  We will see if he can find his groove in Miami or if he will always be a situational Running Back.

Site used: Saints, Dolphins agree to terms on Reggie Bush trade | ProFootballTalk.